Cisco is the global technology leader that connects everything, securely, to make everything possible. Our goal is to foster an inclusive future for all by helping our customers reimagine their applications, accelerate hybrid working, secure their business, transform their infrastructure and achieve their sustainability goals.

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Our commitment to Pride House is the final stone in an edifice built by our internal LGBTQ+ network, which this year has dedicated to sport as a vector of inclusion, prevention and well-being.

Over the past twelve months, Cisco France’s Pride & Allié.es community has supported the Tournoi De Paris and the Forum des Sports, welcomed the Fédération Sportive Gaie et Lesbienne+ to the stage of our “Mars Solidaire” Forum, and run the Front Runners Valentine’s Day Race.

But at a time when debates on LGBTQT+ issues are becoming polarized, and many setbacks are being seen within Europe itself; it seemed necessary to us at Cisco France to commit ourselves further, via the positive, constructive and unifying driving force that the Olympic Games represent, and to support Pride House’s call to decriminalize and decriminalize same-sex relationships, in perfect alignment with our corporate mission: to foster an inclusive future for all.

At Cisco, we carry a universal vision of technology at the service of progress in all aspects of life and business: a vision where innovation is not reserved for the few but benefits all, without exclusion, reflecting French universalist ideals where people are born and remain equal in rights, our mission is to ensure that people are born and remain equal in digital rights. What better time than the Paris 2024 Games and the promise to “Create a new Games model to inspire today, build tomorrow and deliver Games that are unifying, inclusive and universal.”
At the Olympic and Paralympic Games, just as in life, what really counts is being able to participate. As an Official Partner of the Paris 2024 Games, we’re providing secure and reliable digital infrastructure for everyone, so we can all take part.

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