Beyond the event,
a legacy
for a more
inclusive sport…

The Pride House project (included in the Paris 2024 legacy) aims to promote the inclusion of LGBTI+ people in sport through educational sessions at the LAB to be held from January to June 2024, offering operational, “turnkey” solutions.

It also includes training for volunteers (associations and partners) and sports structures, as well as raising awareness among the general public through specific communication tools.


The LAB proposes a joint reflection by the sports movement on the inclusion of LGBTI+, trans, non-binary and inter-sex people in sport. Around 3 themes, researchers, public authorities, our partners, LGBTI+ associations and sports organizations are working to make the Fier Foundation’s recommendations operational, by proposing “concrete turnkey” actions.

The results will be made public ahead of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, at a dedicated event attended by the sporting movement.

Training and awareness-raising for all

In order to welcome visitors in the best possible conditions, training tools for the association’s volunteers and partners will be developed by the Pride House – Paris 2024 teams.

Among the expected elements, we are preparing training modules for welcoming the LGBTI+ public for volunteers, for the fight against discrimination for the sporting world and others, as well as quizzes for the general public or the sporting world… All these tools will be available on request to support those who wish to move towards a more inclusive and respectful environment.

Be part of a unique experience!

Join the Pride House team for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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