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All things being equal”, a woman is 20% less likely than a man to take part in physical activity or sport. Over and above this observation, we are also confronted with a significant drop-out in sporting activity during adolescence, and various obstacles such as family and professional constraints, financial barriers, etc., further accentuate the situation. The situation is even more acute if the person in question is a lesbian.

How can we get these people back into regular sporting activity? What kind of sporting activities should they be? What levers are available to us to inspire, motivate and create conditions conducive to engagement in beneficial physical and sporting activities?

Presented by Frédérique Vidal, accompanied by PWC (a partner of Paris 2024) represented by Charline Brot and Jose-Carlos Flores, who will help us with the animation and institutional rendering.


11th March

#1 Group presentation

Les sessions se tiendront entre avril et juin avec une thématique spécifique à chacune.

25th March

#2 Access to facilities and appropriation of public space

08th April

#3 Reducing inequalities: affordability, solidarity, sports facilities

22nd April

#4 Fight against lesbophobia/feeling of insecurity

Special guest : Nikky Simmons.

13th May

#5 Communication and promotion of women’s sport

Special guest : Mejdaline Mhiri.

10th June

#6 The place of women and lesbians in sports associations

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