An Impact Group brand, Re-uz® brings together all the group’s reuse activities.

The brand offers simple, accessible solutions for reusable cups and food containers, with rigorous control of every stage in the life of its products and services; from eco-design, manufacturing and customization to recycling, including reuse, washing, logistics, storage, collection and deposits.

“Re-uz® is proud to partner with the Paris 2024 Pride House, affirming its commitment to inclusion, diversity and equality. As a brand dedicated to sustainability and social innovation, Re-uz® recognizes the importance of supporting initiatives that celebrate the rights and freedoms of the LGBTQIA+ community. By committing to Pride House, Re-uz reaffirms its role as a committed player in building a more equitable and inclusive society for all.”

With a strong presence in France and Europe, Re-uz® aims to help as many people as possible adopt a more sustainable way of consuming: reuse.

Produce less, reuse more and limit our environmental impact. A pioneer in the events market with its historic brand since 2006, Re-uz® replaces disposable food containers with reusable ones. This solution has been widely adopted by many events. Convinced by this approach, Re-uz® is deploying and adapting its solutions to other business sectors, such as the corporate sector and take-away catering. Thanks to its unrivalled know-how in reuse, Re-uz® will be supporting the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games in implementing one of their priority commitments: to have a circular economy approach.

Re-uz actions in terms of inclusion

Re Uz and Impact Group are committed to actions in favor of inclusion and diversity through :

  • Re-uz’s commitment to the Emergence Aréli program, which aims to enable talented young people from modest backgrounds to pursue the studies they want and build a professional future to match their potential and ambition.
  • skills sponsorship for a regional association that helps women in vulnerable situations (illness, burn-out, long-term unemployment) to reintegrate socially and/or professionally.
  • a diagnosis of agefiph actions in France, with a commitment to maintaining disabled people in employment, and to anchoring a welcoming handi culture at European level,
  • a Senior Charter has been signed, with initiatives to promote the recruitment and retention of people with long careers.
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