Join us for the Olympic and Paralympic Games taking place in Paris in 2024.

Under the auspices of Pride House International, Pride Houses have been a part of major international sporting events since the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and Paralympics. They have been present at the 2022 Commonwealth Games, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, Asian and Pan American Games, World Cups, European Cups… and now in Paris!

Values of Pride House · France 2024

Universal values for an event for everyone

The Pride House – France 2024 revolves around 3 values. These values have enabled us to create a unique project where everyone can feel understood and accepted.

Respect for diversity

Respect for diversity values differences and recognizes that each individual is unique, whether culturally, socially, religiously, sexually or otherwise. It encourages acceptance and appreciation of the multicultural richness that makes our world so unique and vibrant.


Equity emphasizes the fair distribution of opportunities and resources among all members of a society. It recognizes that each person’s needs are unique, and strives to meet them in a way that takes account of their particular circumstances.
Equity does not simply mean treating everyone in the same way, but aims to give everyone what they need to succeed.


Inclusion advocates a society where every person, regardless of identity or ability, is valued and has the opportunity to participate fully in social, economic, political and cultural life. It focuses on eliminating the barriers that might prevent some people from achieving their full potential.

In short, respect for diversity, fairness and inclusion are fundamental values that work towards a fairer, more open and more united society, where everyone has the opportunity to realize their potential without being hindered by discrimination or inequality.

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